We offer both residential and commercial pest control for a variety of insects such as termites, bed bugs, water bugs, ants, spiders, beetles, silverfish, bees and wasps, fleas, crickets, roaches, mice and rats. A-1 Total Pest Control conducts termite inspections and offers liquid and bait station termite treatments. Liquid termite treatment utilizes chemicals to create a barrier that prevents new termites from accessing your property. This method is one of the fastest ways to alleviate a termite problem on your property as well as ensuring the property doesn’t get re-infested.

Bait station termite control involves setting up stations in areas of high termite activity with bait meant for the termites to eat during foraging. Once ingested, they carry back the chemicals to their colony and other termites come and feed on the bait in the station. Because bait stations utilize different chemicals than our liquid treatment method the time it takes to rid your property of termites varies. There are many instances however when bait stations would be required such as:

  • Need or desire for less chemicals to be used
  • Vegetation or garden areas are close to the required application area
  • A well or cistern located adjacent to your property.

No matter how big your space is A-1 Total Pest Control can effectively rid it of termites, bed bugs or other pests. We also have a number of partnerships to handle pest problems that may be beyond our scope of expertise. Contact us today for a quote.

All of our products are safe for both humans and domestic animals. We are trained to apply all chemicals in the safest way possible for both you and your pets. We utilize the least amount of chemicals that will still rid your home of pests.


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